Collaboration That Works

It's easy to take teamwork as a given — connect your team and watch the magic happen! Except when it comes to solving hard problems and driving innovation, that kind of collaboration is hard.

Come hear from leaders as they share keys to building a collaborative culture — insights and actions you can take to foster high-impact teamwork that leads to innovation. Discover:

  • Pitfalls to avoid — whether working remote, in-person, or hybrid
  • How play can be used to level up imagination and build trust
  • How to stay in sync when working async
  • Practical steps your team can take right now to build connection, purpose, and alignment

Collaboration may not happen automatically but it also doesn’t have to be a mystery. Join us for Collaboration That Works.

Remote Collaboration That Works: Practical Steps for Productive Teamwork

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Going Hybrid? Addressing the Elephant in the Zoom

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How Do You Stay In Sync With Async Work?
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There’s No Going Back: Why Chris Herd Says HQs are Finished

Wednesday May 19th, 10am PT

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