Design Thinking for Consultants: Tools & Methods to Promote Engagement, Creativity, & Productivity

Wednesday, June 29, 10:00 am PT // 45 minutes

Your clients are facing challenges that are more complex than ever.

What if integrating design thinking tools and methods into your approach could result in more fun, engaging and productive client experiences?

Join Hannah Berson, CEO and founder of SALT Collaboratory, and Pete Maher, co-founder of LUMA Institute and Head of Playmakers at MURAL, to learn how you can apply the LUMA System to take your client engagements to new heights.

In this webinar, Hannah will share a case study of how she helped a global client engage teams across functions and geographies to co-create the company's "Future of Work" strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Gather insights and identify problems faster using research and prioritization frameworks
  • Increase client engagement with design thinking principles, guided methods, and gamification
  • Unleash creativity through ideation tools and methods
  • Design collaboration from anywhere with MURAL

You’ll leave the webinar with new approaches for designing more engaging workshops and a customizable template to use with your clients.