The real, actual, no-BS state of teamwork

Thursday, Mar 28, 9:00 am PT // 30 minutes

Our latest trends report revealed some hard truths about teamwork.

We learned over half of knowledge workers aren't very happy with how they work together. Additionally, 63% are eyeing the exit when they haven’t seen teamwork improve in the past year.

Simply put, work isn’t working. And at what cost?

In this webinar, Mural’s CEO, David Baga, shares the no-BS truth about teamwork and explores rebuilding stellar (and happier) teams with proven methods that work.

David will share the findings on some of the biggest issues facing teams in the enterprise, including:

  • Where meetings fall short
  • The biggest barriers to teamwork
  • Why remote work doesn’t make work easier
  • Why workers leave and what they need to stay

Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of reshaping teamwork dynamics? Buckle up and we’ll see you there.

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