Teamwork tune-up: Repair broken dynamics

Tuesday, Jun 04, 10:00 am PT // 45 minutes

The results are in, and they’re looking grim — 3 in 5 knowledge workers are considering new jobs due to poor teamwork. It’s time to face the facts — good teamwork isn’t an accident, it’s a practice.

Join Meagan Dobson, Customer Success Leader at Mural, for an interactive session where we’ll get real about teamwork. Using a series of guided methods, we’ll cover the current state (how are things working for you right now?), brainstorm ideas for change, and come away with a better understanding of where we are — and where we could be.

What you can expect:

  • Identify current challenges and pain points in your team's collaboration
  • Brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions for overcoming these challenges
  • Gain insights into strategies to enhance teamwork and communication dynamics
  • Acquire practical templates and exercises with real-world examples to implement within your team today

It’s time to fix teamwork. Are you ready?

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